In 2007 I moved to Arizona and realized that I needed to up my game in order to be a part of the jewelry industry. I had won 2 awards in finished jewelry of a high dollar value but I would run out of money quickly if I stayed in that part of the industry so I fell back to what I love to do. Make jewelry. 

As a jewelry maker I had encountered cheap, inexpensive and poorly made findings or components when I went to complete earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. I attempted to contact some of the companies that supply these items to the jewelry industry. They were small, expensive and not very inspiring. 

In Tucson I met a couple of very charming people, Maude and Larry Lorah. She designed unusual components and he helped her engineer them. Very sadly in 2008 she passed away and her husband approached me to continue her line of work. I acquired her company HandFast and it was like having a master program in what works in jewelry. Using some of my work and a lot of her work I started upping my game. 

Below the first two clasps were designed by Maude Lorah and the second two clasps were designed by me. I promised Larry Lorah that I would keep the company going and the quality high. I have done my best to do so.