I have included a selection of necklaces and bracelets that use my components. 

Chartres Spiral Clasp/Bail holdng the Gift of Love pendant

Whale Tail with Wave Clasp on a necklace designed with African brass and bronze as well as stone and glass beads.

When I was doing a show I met a wonderful artist who made the porcelain beads at the front of this necklace. She would roll out a slab of porcelain and then hand cut the beads and shape them. After that she glazed them. No two were the same. I felt they needed a arty/bohemian look. I ran all cords through them an knotted in between. The cones and clasp were designed by me

Sampler Peyote with a twist necklace with Greek Key Clasp

Peyote with a twist necklace over a braid

Peyote with a twist not crochet with Deco Twist Cones and Oriental Square Clasp

Simple Cord Necklace with smaller bail, cones and clasp by Kim Fox. Lampwork bead by Jonni DeAnda

Glass Horn Bead with Asian Coin - Loop clasps

Adjustable length necklace with Asian Flower hook and Cones

Jasper and seed beads in a swirl with cones and clasp by Kim Fox

Red abalone shell beads mixed with hand made spacer beads by Marcia Kmack. African Bronze spacer beads separating sections kumihimo and ended with cones and Deco Bloom Clasp in Bronze.

Free form hand cut jasper and multiple metals terminated in a solstice clasp

African bronze, chain, cones and clasp by Kim Fox and beautiful ceramic shield bead.

Chartres Circle Clasp on necklace of mixed gemstone beads and African Bronze.

Swirl Clasp in silver with herringbone necklace.

Herringbone Necklace with small double heart clasp in silver.

Chain Maille Bracelet with Bronze Long Loop Cenector.

Mother of Pearl and Seed Beads in a kumihimo braid with the silver V Magnetic Clasp

Superduo Spiral Sampler Necklace with Sea Urchin Toggle In Silver

Superduo Spiral Sampler Necklace with Oriental Latch Clasp

Etched agate necklace with Winged Centerpiece and Phoenix Loop Clasp in bronze

Brick patterned magnetic clasp with super duos in a spiral

Super duo beads in a spiral with the pumpkin leaf magnetic clasp

Jasper and seed beads in kumihimo with cones and chain.

The fire spiral can also be used as a pendant

Phoenix Hook is linked with a kumihimo bracelet. The hook can be moved to another piece of jewelry

A collection of bronze cuffs

Asian Crest hook is linked to a necklace of freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals.

A stack of bangles

Another stack of bangles

The Y clasp/bail is magnetic magic

The Chartres Spiral Clasp/Bail is perfect by itself or for hanging a pendant.

This bail fits over the necklace and is adjustable depending on the size of the necklace it is fitted to.

The bead on this necklace is actually a clever secure magnetic clasp. It also comes in a curved shape.

The diamond shape of the Oriental Latch clasp becomes a focal piece on this sampler necklace

The Clasp is a part of the design with this Pearl Coin Necklace

The Deco Twist Cone used as the top to a tassel

The Cut Flower Clasp/Pendant with two hooks for a transformational necklace - two strands or one long strand

The Pumpkin Flower Magnetic Clasp used with kumihimo size 8 beads

The V magnetic clasp used with multi-colored mother of pearl kumihimo braid.

The Triangular Deco Toggle used with multicolored jasper.

The Deco Bloom Hook and Eye Clasp used with kumihimo.

Chartres Rectangular Hook Clasp with superduo spiral bracelet

Jasper and bronze with Brocade Toggle and Bell Flower Cones

Ancient Treasure Toggle with Small Bell Flower Cones

Sunflower Hook Clasp with Bell Flower Loop Cones

Contemporary Square with Small Deco Twist Cones

Triangular Textured Cones with Small Double Heart Clasp

Fire Spiral Clasp/Pendant - The necklace opens to a single long strand with the spiral as the pendant.

Small Fire Spiral Clasp and Small Cones

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